Light Society is a collaboration between artists Aliya Orr and Sakchin Bessette exploring the intersections of art, science, and mysticism. Conceived as a series of extended experiments across a diverse range of media including sculpture, installations, video, and performance, their work seeks to generate meaningful engagements with altered states of consciousness, perception, and the magic of the everyday.
Bessette, co-founder and executive creative director of Moment Factory, has created large scale public artworks and multimedia installations throughout Canada and Internationally. Orr is a diversified artist whose most recent practice has explored the use of light as a medium to transform experience.
In 2016, the duo premiered their first official artistic collaboration, Altered States Of Light Vol1; a site-specific light installation commissioned by Hyundai Motor Studios, Seoul. Their newest installation, Whispers, will premier June 2018 at the International Digital Art Biennial, Montreal.

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