Radiant Light Film (3M)

This radiant light film is a multi-layer, polymeric reflective film that reflects 95%+ of visible light and has a chrome-like appearance. Used with in-mold decoration, it provides a great way to create a metallic look in plastics without metal. It is non-corroding and non-conductive and it produces no electro-magnetic interference.

The film works on the same principle as a butterfly’s wings do to create the brilliant, colored effects. The colors are created without pigments; instead, microscopic ridges within the multi-layer film are spaced a few hundred nanometers apart. By varying this spacing the different wavelengths of light reflect and interfere with each other to produce various colors, and different hues are visible depending on the viewing angle.

The film’s surface can be embossed, die cut, sheet slit, precision cut, surface treated, dyed, coated to be heat sealed, coated with adhesive, printed and extruded into plastics. It can be combined with suitable color substrates to produce various vibrant colors in both reflection and transmission. The film is used in everything from home décor, packaging, automotive trim and accents, computers, mobile phones and advertising media.

Laminated on a Surface

In movement


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